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Some examples of custom books & CDs

Fedhealth provides FREE customization on our 266-page disaster preparedness books, eBooks and CDs so agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, schools and groups can personalize them for local recipients.

The covers and first 12 pages can be customized in the print process (see samples below and note, as of 2014, all custom pages print in full color on glossy paper).
Or upgrade your order to add 48 to 288 extra color pages!

Below and other custom versions also viewable in PDF ...

learn more about FREE customization (in print process [1,000 units & up] ..

OR ..  
with peel & stick labels [any Quantity using standard red books]!)

or Look inside book



View above + more in PDF, learn more about free customization, our fundraisers,

look inside book learn how to order or call 1-888-999-4325!