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RubyWATCH is a web-based database reporting system being provided free of charge by the Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA) to all government agencies and officials, state licensed private detectives and security agencies, and other HSFA authorized users.

Concerned citizens can use RubyWATCH to submit electronic tips regarding suspicious activities and behaviors they observe that may be related to terrorist or criminal activities. Law enforcement agents and security practitioners use information from tips entered into RubyWATCH to investigate terrorists and criminals and for other uses permitted by local, state and Federal law. Officials may also use the system internally within their department. For example, Border Patrol may use RubyWATCH to track license plates for suspicious vehicles that cross the border into the U.S. or detectives in a high crime area or area with gang activity may use RubyWATCH to track tagging sightings.

HSFA continues to maintain a strong position on privacy protection and preserving Americans' civil liberties. RubyWATCH restricts all tipsters' input to non-sensitive data, and its Anonymous Tip Submission Standard (ATSS) ranks at the top of the list of "must have" features for any tipster system. Authorized agencies have encrypted access to a secure console, which allows them to generate custom reports on demand. The system accepts nearly any combination of search parameters, including the date a tip was submitted, descriptions of persons and vehicles, behaviors, location types, names and more. Reports can be saved for future 1-click viewing, and there's also a Google-style keyword search. In addition, authorities can post bulletins that direct tips to a specific investigation, property or person of interest.

"We hope RubyWATCH will help bridge the gap between authorities and the public and empower citizens to get involved in hometown and homeland security," said Eric Brown, President, HSFA.
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RubyWATCH, inspired by HSFA's Ms. Ruby Redbook, is all about public safety. A huge part of the program is awareness. Being aware of how to prepare for disaster and what to do after disaster strikes is one of the most important things you can do for your family, friends, coworkers or employees and neighbors.

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