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June 7, 2010 - New Disaster Preparedness pages on USFRA

Traycee Biancamano, Chief Executive Officer of U.S. First Responders Association recently invited Janet Liebsch to administer a new group and page focusing on Disaster Preparedness on USFRA.org.

The Disaster Preparedness group has discussions and tips on helping members and the general public to prepare for the unexpected.  

Some recent topics covered on both pages include resources and links about the Gulf Oil crisis, the coming Hurricane season and more. Both the group and Links pages will be updated often with new discussions and videos.

The United States First Responders Association is a non-profit network of firefighters, EMS, rescue, police officers, military and civilian support teams. The purpose of the USFRA advances the profession of fire, emergency, police and military services through proactive community leadership, education, advocacy, policy, procedure, and guidelines that would best help our emergency services provide aid to the citizens of the United States and worldwide. It also forms a closer bond of fellowship between its members with our focus primarily on: Training, Tactics, Safety, Education and Community Outreach.

Officials and civilians are encouraged to join, create a free profile and invite your friends. For more information, visit

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