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IT’S A DISASTER! e-news Jan 2012

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This month's topics:

 IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  Fundraising & Youth Prep
   Combining Fundraising and Youth Preparedness

 FEMA's Whole Community Approach + PPP
   Whole Community approach and Public-Private Partnerships
   Join the multi state drill on Feb 7, 2012!

   CERT materials in Spanish, Braille, Low vision and PDF screen reader
   FEMA's QuakeSmart Toolkit

   Formidable Footprint + Depiction exercise/tabletop
   FUNDED enews: Grantseeking strategies and 2012 Homeland Security funding


   Chasing4Life's Disaster Bible
   Reviews & Comments




THE SPOTLIGHT:  Combining Fundraising and Youth Preparedness

According to a recent FEMA newsletter … at the end of the 20th century, research showed an estimated 66.5 million children were affected each year by a natural disaster, and this number is expected to increase. Couple this with the fact that according to the National Climate Data Center, 2011 saw more billion-dollar natural disasters than any year on record; and it clearly demonstrates the importance of increasing youth disaster preparedness knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

FEMA also believes (as do we) youth preparedness is important to the resilience of any community. Leading educators and scholars in the field of preparedness education consider our nation’s youth to be the best envoy for taking preparedness messages home to their families.

Back in the mid-90s when we were formulating our disaster preparedness and basic first aid book outline and our FedHealth marketing plan, we felt one great way to get this data into the home was through a kids fundraising program.

Most family members, neighbors and friends will buy whatever the youth are selling – even if they can get the product cheaper at a store or online. Why? Plain and simple … it helps the kids and their programs.

Our hope has always been if K-12 schools and youth groups use IT’S A DISASTER! books as a fundraiser it not only gets a useful product into homes and businesses, but it spurs conversations about preparedness in the whole community

For example, back in 2003 Barbara Pamboukes, RN, BSN, MEd. (then President of New Hampshire School Nurses Association) wrote “… I first learned of this book from Gregg Champlin, NHOEM at the 2002 NHSNA Spring Conference. We did a presentation together on the ‘School Nurse Role in Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning for Schools.’ This book is not only a good resource for families, but a great fund raiser for school organizations … I would recommend the book as a reference for home use, a resource for first aid and disaster preparedness and as a fund raiser for your school community. As a school nurse I advocated a ‘safe and healthy’ fundraiser to our PTO as an alternative to selling the usual unhealthy candy and snacks to our community. …”

As we discussed in our 9/23/2011 enews, schools and youth groups (like TEEN CERTs, Scout troops, sports teams, etc) are always looking for ways to raise money. Our programs can help groups raise funds whether it’s taking book orders or just sharing FedHealth’s website and phone # using handouts or a simple web link. Or groups can get sponsors to help purchase books to resell or ask local companies to buy ads to complement funding efforts.

Some helpful resources about our programs include

Traditional youth fundraiser or easy Referral Program: Read brief overviews about our Traditional fundraiser with a few examples of potential earnings, link to Fundraiser Kit, etc (or download a 1-pg PDF) .. or .. the easy "word-of-mouth" Referral Program for schools, Scouts, CERTs, etc (also a 1-pg PDF).


School and Youth group Fundraising overview: This 18-page PDF has several examples and overviews of our fundraiser ideas for K-12 schools, youth groups and others using our IT'S A DISASTER! books. View PDF in color or in black & white (b&w cheaper to copy/print)

Ad Sales / Sponsorship overview: Our 10-page overview explains how volunteers, schools, youth groups, civic clubs, faith-based organizations, nonprofits and bloggers can earn 100% profits! View PDF

Learn more about our funding ideas or call FedHealth at 1-888-999-4325 for a FREE information kit!

And some Youth Preparedness resources from Citizen Corps include…

Bringing Youth Preparedness Education to the Forefront: A Literature Review and Recommendations (23-pg PDF - FEMA, 2010) - provides a review and of youth disaster preparedness and education materials and programs and may be useful when developing or implementing your own educational program.

Catalogue of Youth Disaster Preparedness Education Resources (22-pg PDF) - created to assist individuals and organizations with locating preparedness resources that are tailored to children and youth.

Find more Youth resources at www.ready.gov/youth-preparedness ... or visit our Schools / Youth Links page.



Two FEMA initiatives public and private sector leaders should learn about are the Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management and FEMA’s Public-Private Partnership.

Over the past year or so, FEMA has engaged many of its emergency management partners – including local, tribal, state, territorial representatives; academia; nongovernmental organizations; community members and the private sector –– in a dialogue on a whole community approach to emergency management.

Based on these many meaningful and substantive conversations, FEMA has published A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management: Principles, Themes, and Pathways for Action on its website. This document reflects some of the successes of a whole community approach across the country. We share this with you today in an effort to enhance the resiliency and security of our Nation through the whole community approach. Learn more by visiting www.fema.gov/about/wholecommunity.shtm or FEMA’s blog post
Also … FEMA’s Private Sector Division invites private sector organizations from across the nation to provide models that highlight collaborative efforts with government entities to increase disaster resilience. There is ample evidence that every community would benefit from public-private collaboration in emergency management.

Since September 2010 FedHealth has been 1 of 7 “Private Sector Organizations” listed on FEMA’s Public Private Partnership Tools page (under the "Public-Private Partnership Resources" section) due to our collaborative programs associated with our IT'S A DISASTER! books.

According to FEMA, adequate funding is a key part of successful public-private partnerships. States can choose to spend their Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds to engage the private sector in preparedness and response efforts.  

Fedhealth’s disaster preparedness and first aid manual qualifies as public and community education on grants, and makes a great draw-down vehicle since we can commit funds within an hour of your request.

Plus, due to the deeply discounted Govt/nonprofit price, free customization and discounts on freight, purchases can provide agencies and nonprofit organizations about a $4-to-$1 return on match.

FedHealth is proud to support FEMA's PPP and whole community initiatives ... and would love to partner with your agency, nonprofit or business to help your communities become stronger and more prepared! Please email or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325 to learn more.



On February 7, 2012, at 10:15 a.m. CST, more than 1.2 million people across nine states (Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee) will participate in the 2012 Great Central U.S. ShakeOut! Learn how your business, agency, volunteer or youth group, church or organization can participate in this multistate drill … plus find flyers, videos, games, widgets and many more resources at www.shakeout.org/centralus/

This short video shows a "Drop, Cover, & Hold On" drill in action and talks about why this is the recommended method for protecting yourself during an earthquake.



The National CERT Program continues to promote CERT training for all audiences. In addition to the recent release of the low vision and Spanish versions of the CERT Basic Training Participant Manual, CERT is pleased to announce the release of the Participant Manual in Braille and PDF screen reader versions. You can access the screen reader, low vision and Spanish CERT manuals and materials on the national CERT website at www.citizencorps.gov/cert/training_mat.shtm

Local CERT program coordinators/managers can request copies of the Braille version of the Participant Manual by calling the FEMA Distribution Center at 1-800-480-2520 or email FEMA-Publications-Warehouse@dhs.gov . Use Publication Number P-856 and Catalog Number 11189-2 to order the Participant Manual (four volumes in Braille). Please be sure to allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.

FEMA National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) recently released a QuakeSmart Toolkit. Thousands of earthquakes occur in the United States each year; most are too small to significantly affect businesses and communities. This QuakeSmart Toolkit provides business owners, managers, and employees with basic guidance and ready-to-use tools that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the user. The guidance and tools focus on the importance of earthquake mitigation and the simple things they can do to reduce the potential of earthquake damages, injuries, and financial losses at work…AND also at home and within their communities. View or download the QuakeSmart Toolkit (FEMA P-811DVD) at www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/earthquake/qstoolkit/index.shtm. And find other FEMA Earthquake guidance and materials at www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/earthquake/publications.shtm

Formidable Footprint - A National Neighborhood Exercise Series - Members of CERTs, Neighborhood Associations, Faith-based groups and local Citizen Corps can join the Formidable Footprint tabletop exercise on Influenza Pandemic on Saturday Jan 28, 2012 from 9:00AM - 4:00PM EDT. Note: It is only a 3-hour exercise so your group can be scheduled within the 9a-4p timeline as needed. For more information and to register for the 2012 exercises visit www.formidablefootprint.org

Also... join Depiction on Thursday, Jan 26 at 4p Eastern for the required pre-exercise webinar where valuable information and guidelines regarding exercise participation will be provided. www.depiction.com/webinars/formidable-footprint-jan

The GrantsOffice.com’s January issue of FUNDED takes a closer look at developing long-term grantseeking strategies and sets out some grant program "resolutions" for the new year. In addition, they provide an analysis of Homeland Security funding in 2012 and tips for proposal writing and editing. Visit www.grantsoffice.com/funded.aspx or download FUNDED in PDF.



Chasing4Life (in partnership with FedHealth) is pleased to offer their custom "Disaster Bible" as a downloadable ebook in PDF in support of their faith-based programs. Chasing4Life brings new perspective to churches and faith-based organizations around the nation with training programs, outreach events, consulting, plan design and more as today’s church begins to embrace the concepts of emergency management and the need for a better prepared church community. As C4L founder Eddy Weiss explains, “I believe that the church is to be a place of hope, comfort and rescue in its community and this is not possible without its members having a grasp of preparedness issues along with a plan for how it will minister in times of disaster. It is with this belief that our group presses on to reach the faith-based population of America in order to create beacons of light throughout the nation’s landscape.” Learn more

We recently expanded our Reviews & Comments page to include book reviews, articles, and news about IT’S A DISASTER! including an appearance in one of Delaware Citizen Corps’ videos. There are also some comments various officials and organizations have sent in over the years ... and we always welcome and appreciate input from our customers and readers! Read more ... or email us your comments or reviews!



...residents of Venezuela have been treated to a light show that has been going on for thousands of years. One spot on the Catatumbo River gets, regularly, 40,000 lightning strikes every night. Source: io9.com

...a powerful and independent panel of specialists appointed by Japan’s Parliament is challenging the government’s account of the accident at a Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and will start its own investigation into the disaster — including an inquiry into how much the March earthquake may have damaged the plant’s reactors even before the tsunami. Any evidence of serious quake damage at the plant would cast new doubt on the safety of other reactors in quake-prone Japan. Source: NY Times

… scientists from the Boston University School of Medicine recently identified a compound that stops viruses from replicating?! The researchers, who collaborated with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, believe their findings could lead to the development of compounds that could potentially inhibit the spread of poxviruses (like smallpox), according to CIDRAP News. Source: BioPrepWatch



The Ready Georgia mobile app, created by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Department of Public Health, is an interactive tool that makes it easier than ever to be prepared for emergencies. The app includes robust features not previously available in one mobile application. The Ready Georgia app is available for iPhone and Android platforms. www.ready.ga.gov/mobileapp

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center has posted a short 1 minute movie called "3-D NEXRAD Joplin Tornado Signature". It shows the vertical composite of radar sweeps from the Springfield, Missouri NEXRAD radar site of the Joplin, Missouri tornado giving a 3-dimensional image of the tornado structure. They also have a link to the Google Earth KMZ file you can download. Read more

Many of us are familiar with the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) suggestion of adding a contact in your cell phone named I.C.E. with the name and telephone number of the person you’d like contacted in the event of an emergency. I.C.E. Tag® takes the I.C.E. concept one step further by doubling the probability of responders seeing it and your loved ones being notified promptly.

Per I.C.E. Tag® … did you know more than 75% of people carry no details of who they would like contacted in a emergency situation? Plus it takes an average of 5 hours and 51 minutes for family members to be contacted in a emergency. The I.C.E. Tag is ideal when used alongside ICE in your phone. I.C.E. Tag products like keychain tags, cards and velcro wristbands are small enough you can take them anywhere you go. Businesses, Community organizations/groups, and Public Safety agencies can get custom My ICE Cards™ designed with your logo. Plus I.C.E. Tag® has a fundraiser programwww.iceincaseofemergency.ca

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