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IT’S A DISASTER! e-news  Jul 2011

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This month's topics:

 IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Scouting, CERT & Rotary






THE SPOTLIGHT: FedHealth Supports "Individualized" It's A Disaster! Book & eBook Program for Scouting, CERT and Rotary


Photo by LAFD Captain & CERT Cmdr Stacy GerlichThis month we are shining the spotlight on Nathan A. Wolfstein IV, Professional Volunteer Management & Charity Adviser and the 'Be MorePrepared To Move Quickly' Scouting CERT Rotarian for Community Disaster Preparedness & Relief Fundraising.

Timing is to Marketing, what Location is to Real Estate

About six weeks ago, we received an "excited" call from Nathan A. Wolfstein IV about our It's A Disaster! book and ebook Fundraiser.

Nathan had been looking for a product for his 'Be MorePrepared To Move Quickly' Community Volunteer Disaster Preparedness, Training & Relief (DPTR) Program for Scouting Units, CERTs and Rotary Clubs … and this was a perfect fit.

And Now … The Rest Of The Story

Nathan's passion is Community Service, with a focus on Volunteer Disaster Preparedness & Relief. As a CERTified Scouting Rotarian, Nathan serves in a number of positions to "inspire" a 'Be Prepared to Be MorePrepared' passion with every person, group and program in which he is involved. "The goal is to find ways to help people help themselves," says Nathan, "We all know 'The Big One' is coming."

Over the past five years, Nathan has promoted and supported: (1) National Preparedness Month; (2) The Great California ShakeOut; (3) The Rotary Community Hospital & Youth Sports Blood Drive; (4) The Cahuenga District WLACC BSA Eagle ScoutParents ESP (Emergency Survival Preparedness) Camporee and (5) The Rotary District 5260 Zone 26 Disaster Operations Committee (D-DOC).

"We all know, we all need to 'Be MorePrepared' to deal with a disaster", explains Wolfstein. “To 'Be Prepared' is a personal investment of time, energy and dollars. To 'Be MorePrepared' is a commitment to Yourself, Your Family and Your Community. Who better than Scouting Units/Districts/Councils, CERT Teams and Rotary Clubs/Districts/Zones to provide the organization and leadership to every Community across the United States? That's why the It's A Disaster! Book & eBook is a perfect vehicle for Community Awareness, Preparedness & Fundraising.”
click to read Cliff Dochterman Award article
In February 2011, Nathan was awarded the Silver Beaver from the Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC) of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Cliff Dochterman Award from the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR) for Distinguished Service to Communities, for work with Volunteer Disaster Preparedness, Training & Relief (DPTR).

“But Wait, That's Not All ... There's More!” says Nathan…

“Remember, at no time do my fingers ever leave my hand! Seriously, the only thing better than having an It's A Disaster! Book or eBook is having an ‘Individualized’ It's A Disaster! Book & eBook; that is, the next level of personalization. Communities want to support Individuals, Clubs, Councils, Associations, Chambers, Groups and Networks that support their Community … and now they can! ‘Individualized’ is the process of allowing technology (computers, cellular phones) to empower the Individual and allow an Individual to create powerful networks of Individuals. Information is essential to success. Knowledge maximizes resources and ROI.”

Feel free to contact Nathan direct about setting up an "Individualized" It's A Disaster! Book & eBook Community Volunteer Disaster Preparedness & Relief Fundraising program for your organization.

NATHAN WOLFSTEIN - Direct CA Mobile: (818) 388-6664 - Email: NAW1111@aol.com  website: www.bemoreprepared.com



FedHealth is proud to once again be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member and will continue to offer specials and informational posts online and through Facebook and Twitter as we do year round.

If your CERT, MRC, business, Church or group has not registered to be an NPM Coalition member, visit Ready.gov to learn more. Individuals are also encouraged to register since we all can make a difference by helping others “be aware, be prepared and have a plan”.

Please keep in mind our customizable IT’S A DISASTER! books make great educational tools for NPM and, through 9/30/2011, we are discounting our business and consumer prices and donating 10% to disaster relief

Also .. as we wrote last month, we are bundling several custom jobs together in the coming weeks so if your agency, business or organization needs customized books for NPM 2011, please call 1-888-999-4325 or learn more about our free customization. We also keep thousands of standard books on-hand and can ship those with free stickers within 24 hours of an order.



FEMA’s National Disaster Recovery Program Database is a tool for members from all levels of government, emergency managers, and planners to find resources provided by Federal / state / tribal / territorial governments, private sector entities, and non-governmental organizations to assist in response and recovery efforts. To apply for assistance or obtain information on the availably of resources, contact the program sponsors and refer to the instructions on each program's website. www.fema.gov/national-disaster-recovery-program-database 

Note: These programs are not intended for individual applicants – visit www.disasterassistance.gov to find and apply for individual assistance related to disaster recovery.)


Formidable Footprint - A National Neighborhood Exercise Series - Members of CERTs, Neighborhood Associations, Faith-based groups and local Citizen Corps can join the Formidable Footprint tabletop exercise on Earthquakes on Sat Jul 30, 2011 from 9:00AM - 4:00PM EDT. Note: It is only a 3-hour exercise so your group can be scheduled within the 9a-4p timeline as needed. For more information and to register for the 2011 exercises visit www.formidablefootprint.org

Also... join Depiction on Thursday, Jul 28 for the required pre-exercise webinar where valuable information and guidelines regarding exercise participation will be provided. http://depiction.com/webinars/formidable-footprint-jul

Check out a lively discussion on U.S. First Responders Association called “What is your feeling about the "72-hour" message..?” … and join in on the conversation..! 

Snippets from a good article in EMSWorld called “Joplin Responders Deal With Stress Following Tornado" … “Most experiences of a disaster are not so positive and weigh heavily on first responders -- police, firefighters and medical staff. Each encounter with a victim or survivor brings fresh doses of sorrow and horror. Unseen are the invisible wounds: "traumatic stress." … "If you don't take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually, you can't take care of anyone else," said Dana Weber, a North Kansas City Hospital nurse. Read more about Joplin tornado  



Our title was # 2 on Amazon’s Bestseller list in the Safety and First Aid category on July 5, 2011

Book review by Dr Helen Smith appeared in Mens News Daily and on her blog on July 3, 2011 (thank you Dr Helen!)

And thank yous to Professor Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit for posting a link to our book on Amazon .. and to other blogs (e.g. Regator, etc) for reposting.



...insurance agents in states along the swollen Missouri River basin say FEMA is causing widespread confusion among property owners by pushing the sale of flood insurance policies that might not cover damage from the river flooding that began this month?! Federal officials explain that some of the damage along the river might still be covered, but how much won't be known until after the flooding is over. Source: AJC 

…a small tsunami sent vacationers and fishermen scrambling along England’s Cornish coast and is thought to have been caused by an underwater landslide in the Atlantic?! Eyewitnesses also reported a freakish charge of static electricity in the air at the same time, which made people’s hair stand on end. Source: Earthweek

…annually changing flu vaccines with their hit-and-miss effectiveness may soon give way to a single, near-universal flu vaccine, according to a new report from scientists at The Scripps Research Institute and the Dutch biopharmaceutical company Crucell?! They describe an antibody that can prevent or cure infections with a broad variety of influenza viruses, including seasonal and potentially pandemic strains. Source: ScienceDaily



Social Media 4 Emergency Management and Social Media for Fire and EMS have great resources, basic steps and techniques to help you incorporate social media into your agency. Check out www.sm4em.org and www.sm4fire.com

CadPage receives SMS pages from a central FIRE/EMS Cad and then presents options for mapping the call, driving directions, and other features. It keeps a history of calls and allows for customized alerts. If your dispatch works off CAD this app for Droid phones is incredible. You'll have location on map most likely before you get to your vehicle. Best part is it's free.
(hat tip FF John A.)  www.cadpage.org

Parents are the first defense against cell phone dangers. My Mobile Watchdog safeguards your child while using cell phones. Monitoring your child's mobile phone use is not spying. Keeping an eye on your child's activities helps you teach them how to be safe while discovering the mobile online world. Instant notification allows you to know what's going on in your child's life as it happens, and prevent problems before they happen. www.mymobilewatchdog.com 

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