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IT’S A DISASTER! e-news  Jul 2010

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  What if the river rose by 10 feet?

 o  How do we evacuate if an earthquake
     destroys the bridges?

 o  Where should we deploy volunteers if
     there’s an explosion at the chemical plant?

Emergency managers, first responders, disaster relief workers and volunteer groups across the country use Depiction mapping, simulation and collaboration software to explore questions like these. Even individuals can use Depiction to enhance the preparedness of their homes and families.

Depiction is affordable, easy-to-use software that lets anyone create interactive scenarios about real or hypothetical events. These scenarios, or ‘depictions’ can include:

Neighborhood preparedness maps, showing locations of both resources and hazards;

Disaster education scenarios, visually demonstrating the need for preparedness in
   a compelling, interactive format;

Table-top exercises in which participants can join remotely;

o Situational awareness during a disaster using an easily updatable common operating

o Damage assessment efforts that create a dynamic picture of incoming field reports;

o Much, much more.

Depiction’s mapping tools make it easy to quickly combine information from the web or your own files into a single interactive world—satellite images, street maps, spreadsheets, even professional mapping data. You can add your own data on the fly, placing shelters, people, routes and more by just clicking the mouse. And when you’ve built your depiction, it’s yours—saved to your computer and available during a disaster, even if the Internet is not.

Additionally, Depiction’s simulation capabilities bring your depiction to life—rising floods disable buildings, fallen power lines block routes, and you can create your own custom simulation elements and interactions. Moreover, your buildings, people, floods, routes, explosions and more can all be rapidly shared in near-real time with anyone—across the street or around the world—using Depiction’s "Live Reports".

This Thursday, July 22, 2010, Depiction, Inc. founder and President Mike Geertsen will present the webinar "Technology for Personal Preparedness." All attendees will get a free copy of Mike’s eBook "Technology for Personal and Family Emergency Planning," and a chance to see how Depiction can help you prepare—whether you’re responsible for the safety of a state, county, city or just your own home. 

Learn more at www.depiction.com ... and click here to sign up for Thursday's Technology for Personal Preparedness webinar.


We have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle Staples, author of SAVE YOUR HORSE!, for several years and wanted to share her incredible resources with our First Responder and civilian readers. Please share this data with any horse owners you may know and consider purchasing a copy and donating it to your local Fire Department!

Imagine you are driving through town and suddenly traffic comes to a standstill. The cause -- a multi-vehicle crash including a truck pulling a horse trailer that is now on it’s side in the median. You can hear the terrified whinnies and thunderous hooves pounding the trailer while everyone waits for First Responders to arrive.

But here’s a scary statistic. Did you know only one percent of all firefighters have specialized training in Large Animal Rescue … yet they are the key emergency personnel responding to these incidents?

According to experts, the most critical safety issue at the scene of a large animal incident is the responders' lack of knowledge of and experience around large animals! 

SAVE YOUR HORSE! A Horse Owner’s Guide to Large Animal Rescue
by Michelle Staples is designed to be used as an on-site resource for responders who do not understand horses and are unfamiliar with LAR. It contains the steps necessary to successfully extricate a large animal – particularly a horse – from an overturned trailer, out of mud, water or a ravine, or off a cliff.

The spiral-bound book is written as an introduction for horse owners but also specific enough it could be handed to an Incident Commander or first responder team to guide them through the rescue.

Section One details step-by-step procedures of various extrication methods including information on how to use ropes and straps to get the job done safely. Some of the procedures covered include trailer extrications, vertical and diagonal lifts and drags, and mud, water or ice rescues.

Section Two explains how to stay safe around a horse (esp from a First Responder’s perspective). Rescuers and handlers need to understand a horse’s senses and communication or warning signs and signals (like ear, head or body position, etc). Plus there are tips on approaching, catching, leading and haltering a horse and much more. This section also addresses emergency first aid and even explains euthanasia.

Section Three is written primarily for the horse owner explaining how to call for help and details the mechanics of a response since it involves many players (from police, fire, EMS and Animal Control). Michelle also explains the importance of requesting an equine veterinarian and possible transport, if needed. A few other key topics include a discussion about trailers (e.g. types, buying and safely using them, etc), suggestions for first aid kits, "go" bags and more.

The Appendix is filled with additional topics and resources including tips for non-equine large animal rescues and Barn Fire Safety to name a few.

Many experts and publications agree that SAVE YOUR HORSE! is a must read for emergency services personnel and horse owners. And scroll down to learn about Michelle’s educational CDs too!

A Horse Owner’s Guide to Large Animal Rescue
List Price: $24.95
8.5" x 11" Spiral bound manual
160 pages with over 135 drawings and photos
Order paperback (or CDs) at

PAY IT FORWARD … Buy a copy for your local Fire Department and donate it to them!

Other products by Michelle Staples include…

Introduction to Large Animal Rescue for Horse Owners "Teach It Yourself" Class
(CD-Rom is designed to be taught in a classroom covering Scene Safety, Incident Command system, Safe trailering, Barn Fire safety, Drags & lifts and much more! Suggested textbook for the class: "Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue" )

Horse Awareness and Safety "Teach It Yourself" Class
(CD-Rom is designed for non-horse-oriented emergency responders and anyone else who wants to learn about horses. It introduces people to horses, starting in a classroom setting, then moving into an arena for hands on introduction to live animals. Horse Awareness and Safety gives you basic tools to help you respond to an incident involving horses.)

Emergency First Aid For Pets "Teach It Yourself" Class
(CD-Rom is designed to be taught in a classroom, but contains good, general medical information for family pet owners, as well.)

To learn more visit
www.redjeansink.com/catalog.html or www.saveyourhorse.com 

Michelle Staples teaches CPR, CERT, Emergency Pet First Aid, Introduction to LAR for Horse Owners, and Horse Awareness and Safety, is an EMT and a horse owner who has been involved with Standardbred rescue for over 16 years. She has an online class - Equine Safety and Rescue - with Breyer State University, and has served as a Guest Lecturer for the University of Guelph's online Equine Science Certificate.
She divides her time between remote Northern California and Burlington, ON, Canada.



Our customizable book appeared in the July/August issue of Emergency Management magazine. Read more



Bill & Janet Liebsch, co-founders of Fedhealth and authors of "IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it?", were recently named to the Executive Security Council of a private intelligence agency. 



Fedhealth is proud to once again be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member and will be offering specials and informational posts online (as we do all the time anyway!) If your CERT, MRC, business or group has not registered to be an NPM Coalition member, visit http://ready.adcouncil.org



...more than 5 million Puerto Ricans must reapply for new birth certificates under a law passed in collaboration with the U.S. departments of State and Homeland Security?! Mainly because 40% of all passport fraud cases start with a stolen Puerto Rican birth certificate. Source: Security Management  
...DHS recently launched Operation Regional Alliance Including Local, State and Federal Efforts (RAIL SAFE), a national transit-rail security program?! It calls for increasing security teams on passenger trains, and conducting explosives sweeps with canine teams and random bag inspections and involves the TSA, Amtrak Police, and police agencies at the federal, state, and local levels throughout the Northeast to test counter-terrorism capabilities. Source: Progressive Railroading.com

...a $20 tool kit called
Twitter Kit, being promoted in underground forums, allows the sending of spam to other Twitter users in ways that would normally be blocked or stopped by account limits?! It can also search through other users’ followers and send Follow invites, thereby letting cybercriminals send spam to even more users. Source: Trend Micro



PTSD blog on USFRA.org … Michele Rosenthal is a trauma survivor who struggled with undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for 25 years. Today, she is 100% PTSD-free and devoting her career to advocating for PTSD awareness, education, treatment and self-empowered healing. In addition to advocacy activities, Michele works as a Self-Empowered Healing Coach helping survivors make the shift from powerless to powerful so that they can conquer the past and create the future. Read blog 

Last month STRATFOR posted a must read Primer on Situational Awareness. Situational awareness is one of the key building blocks of effective personal security — and when exercised by large numbers of people, it can also be an important facet of national security. Read more

uses a Web portal to conduct matchmaking between donors and relief organizations involving the tracking, warehousing, transportation and distribution of products and services. Aidmatrix, which has already been used in 20 major U.S. disasters, developed partnerships with FEMA and 46 states. www.aidmatrix.org

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